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Fishbowl provides the #1 manufacturing & warehouse management solutions for QuickBooks.

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Fishbowl offers many tools to help you automate your business processes, cut costs, and boost efficiency to make it through any challenge. Choose a category to learn about Fishbowl’s popular solutions. Each one will take you to the appropriate section where you can download Fishbowl’s corporate brochure, feature sheets, satisfaction guarantee, ROI tool, and more. Or download all the PDFs on this page at once by clicking the button below.

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Fishbowl Corporate Brochure

In Fishbowl's Corporate Brochure, you'll find a broad overview of Fishbowl, including all of its services and features. The Corporate Brochure includes testimonials from several satisfied Fishbowl users, and information on the different training options to help you get acquainted with Fishbowl. You can also learn about Fishbowl's ROI Tool, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Merchant Services. The brochure is the perfect place to get started with Fishbowl!

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Core Packages Feature Sheets

Fishbowl Manufacturing

Fishbowl Manufacturing® offers advanced manufacturing and inventory management features to put you in control of your production and order processes.

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Fishbowl Warehouse

Fishbowl Warehouse® offers the most advanced inventory management features to put you in control of your order processes.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Fishbowl offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you're not satisfied, Fishbowl will reimburse you for the full amount you paid for the software.

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Fishbowl ROI Tool

The Fishbowl ROI Tool will help you calculate how much money you will save using Fishbowl and how quickly you will recoup the cost of the software. See how Fishbowl will not only pay for itself in months, but will continue saving you money month after month.

Fishbowl Case Studies

See how companies like yours have benefited from using Fishbowl to effectively control their inventories. In these Case Studies, you'll see how other small businesses have saved time and money by streamlining complex processes with Fishbowl.

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Advantages of an Automation Platform

A business automation platform speeds up tasks, improves data accuracy, and helps your business be more productive.

Advanced Inventory Management

This white paper examines the many features that businesses should look for in an inventory management solution.

Fishbowl – #1 with QuickBooks

Fishbowl solutions integrate with QuickBooks and are the leading manufacturing and warehouse solutions for many industries.

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