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Fishbowl Integrates with SalesIn

SalesIn is a customizable app that has three parts: there’s the App, the B2B Portal, and the Admin Dashboard.

How SalesIn and Fishbowl Integrate

The App: The SalesIn app allows you and your sales team to easily create sales orders, quotes, or invoices anywhere; instantly see inventory levels from Fishbowl; take surveys; create appointments; and take payments via its Square integration all from your iPhone or iPad.
The B2B Portal: Give your customers a unique login where you can customize what they see, whether you want to show certain customers only certain products, special pricing, or your current inventory levels. Customers have the ability to create their own favorite products list for quick ordering and can then place their order online. These orders are sent directly into Fishbowl for processing, automating each part of the process.
The Admin Dashboard: This shows a detailed overview of your sales, enabling you to easily keep track of them. The Dashboard also has the ability to schedule appointments (including route planning), create surveys that can be completed by customers either via email or on the app, and much more

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with SalesIn

Automation: SalesIn’s integration with Fishbowl allows for automation throughout your business. No double-handling, increasing efficiency.
Advanced Pricing Rules and Inventory: SalesIn pulls all your information over from Fishbowl, meaning you have little-to-no setup needed with SalesIn. Your customers, products, inventory levels, and even pricing rules are imported directly from Fishbowl.
Offline Feature: The app has the ability to store a database entirely on your device. This allows orders to be placed even when there is no Internet connection.
Appointments: Create appointments for reps, auto-filling the customer addresses to help with route planning.
All Hours Ordering : With the B2B portal, your customers can place orders in between rep cycles.
Surveys: You can create surveys for each time you visit a customer. These are customizable and able to be reported on!
KPI/Sales Reporting: Keep an eye on your reps’ KPI with in-depth sales reporting.

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