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Fishbowl Integrates with Conversight

Today’s manufacturers, distributors, and service providers face rising inventory costs, high customer expectations, and unexpected shifts in demand. To effectively respond to these disruptions, they can use advanced analytics and AI tools. acts as a Supply Chain Control Tower to help businesses optimize operations, minimize disruptions, and resolve critical issues in real time.’s AI business assistant, Athena, offers businesses greater data visibility and insights to proactively improve their supply chains and make other accurate, informed decisions.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with Conversight

Centralized Date Repository: Build and facilitate a collaborative environment where information is shared with internal and external business partners and stakeholders from a centralized data repository.
Communication Across Teams: Communicate between supply chain and sales teams on the phase in phase out (PIPO) of NPI, EOL, stockout, and all related metrics.
End-to-End Performance Tracking: Track sell-in and sell-through forecasting to balance channel inventory levels. Accurately forecast replenishments and ordering with key distributors and suppliers.
Analysis and Recommendations: Receive smart suggestions and recommendations, including analysis of COVID-19’s impact on your business.
Automated Smart Reporting: Auto-create and publish reports on sales and operations performance, such as in-stock, on-time-in-full (OTIF), order cycle time, order linearity, excess inventory, and channel inventory.
360° Supply Chain Visibility: Transform disparate data into alerts and recommendations to the workforce. You can format the data into charts, graphs, Excel spreadsheets, and more.
Error Prevention: Athena automatically flags anomalies and risks before they turn into costly errors.
Video Overview: Watch the 2-minute video below to get a quick overview of how and Athena can work for your business.

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