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Fishbowl Integrates with Netstock

Netstock is a cloud-based inventory replenishment and demand planning application that syncs directly to Fishbowl to get the perfect balance of items in your warehouse. Netstock and Fishbowl work hand-in-hand to help you drive more profit from your inventory by giving you visibility into your inventory like never before. Minimize difficult stockouts, reduce unnecessary excess inventory, and create smarter purchase orders faster.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with Netstock

Boost Profits: Creating optimal inventory levels means you’ve maximized the profit you can generate with the capital you have
Improve Visibility: Netstock's dashboard gives you easy insight into your most pressing inventory issues in a handy “Top 5” format, so you can make the biggest impact on your warehouse each day
Find the Balance: Distributors, manufacturers, and retailers all struggle with running out of some items while having too much of others. Netstock gives you the keys to find a smarter balance
Produce Optimal Orders: Every replenishment order you make with Netstock can be optimized for the perfect time to cut costs
Provide Better Service: Manage and improve your fill rates to fill orders faster and improve customer satisfaction

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