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Fishbowl Integrates with Web Shop Manager

Web Shop Manager is an e-commerce platform that’s geared toward helping manufacturers and companies in the automotive and powersports industries handle numerous transactions on a daily basis. Fishbowl’s integration with Web Shop Manager lets companies automate their online sales process by importing orders into Fishbowl. This ensures nothing gets missed and the order fulfillment process happens fast.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with Intuit QuickBooks Payments

Simple to Connect: There is a Web Shop Manager plugin within Fishbowl, so all you have to do to get started is click the Install button in the Plugin module and restart the Fishbowl Server.
Import Orders: Quickly import new order information to Fishbowl from Web Shop Manager to speed up the picking, packing, and shipping process.
Export Fulfillment: Send shipment tracking to Web Shop Manager from Fishbowl so your customers have full visibility of their order progress.
Synchronize Products: Match up product names, SKUs, and other essential details in each solution to help with recording orders transmitted between them.
Track Inventory: Push inventory quantities over to Web Shop Manager from Fishbowl to prevent overselling.
Schedule Transfers: You can schedule inventory data transfers to ensure your inventory counts are the same in both solutions.

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