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Fishbowl Integrates with SPS Commerce

Big-box retailers require vendors to use an EDI if they want to do business with them. SPS Commerce provides just such an EDI. Fishbowl integrates with SPS Commerce to allow vendors to not only work with retailers but also manage their inventory and orders at the same time.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration SPS Commerce

EDI Compliance: SPS Commerce’s EDI helps vendors comply with the needs of multiple retailers. So they can use their regular sales orders and purchase orders, but convert them into whatever format each retailer prefers.
Key Documents: Fishbowl works with SPS Commerce to transfer important transactional documents to retailers.
Mapping Updates: SPS Commerce provides mapping updates, so it gathers the right products from Fishbowl and puts them in the right format.
Inventory Balance: Fishbowl’s automatic reorder points keep a vendor’s inventory continually balanced, and it perfectly complements SPS Commerce’s ability to communicate outgoing orders to retailers.

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