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Fishbowl Integrates with LilyPad Vortex

LilyPad Vortex is a sales software that allows outside sales representatives and customers to log into an ordering portal to see product listings that are directly linked to Fishbowl.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with LilyPad Vortex

Pricing and Inventory: Vortex displays products listed in Fishbowl, along with their prices and available quantities.
Remote Access: Salespeople can check inventory quantities and place orders directly into Fishbowl while outside the office.
Pricing Rules: Customers can receive login credentials so that the pricing rules set in Fishbowl will apply to them.
Sales Order Automation: Fishbowl automatically generates a sales order as soon as it receives an order through Vortex.
Featured Products: Prominently showcase featured products and discounted products to your customers.
Shop by Category: Allow customers to shop by category with the help of Fishbowl’s Product Tree feature.

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