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Fishbowl Integrates with Amazon

Amazon, the biggest name in online shopping, is among the many e-commerce platforms Fishbowl integrates with. This integration is available through a Fishbowl Plugin that is part of the Fishbowl interface, and so it is simple to activate without having to download anything.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with Intuit QuickBooks Payments

Integrated Shopping Cart: Amazon integrates with Fishbowl to update the inventory records whenever a sale is recorded.
Order Fulfillment: Fishbowl handles the order filfillment process after it receives an order from Amazon, designating which products are to be picked, packed, and shipped to customers.
Drop Shipping: Fishbowl also works well as a drop-shipping tool for companies that use third-party fulfillment.
Imports and Exports: Schedule imports and exports between Fishbowl and Amazon as frequently as you need.
Sync Products: Synchronize all of your product listings between Fishbowl and Amazon. This means product quantities and descriptions will be the same in both (not images).

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