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Fishbowl Integrates with Xero

Fishbowl is a popular inventory management solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Fishbowl works with Xero to make it even easier to run your business by joining your manufacturing and inventory management software with this powerful accounting solution. Fishbowl benefits your business by increasing inventory transparency, accuracy, and efficiency by streamlining operational processes.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with Xero

Simple Setup: Fishbowl offers a slick and seamless integration to Xero that can be easily configured. Users can instantly update accounting records and even create new general ledger accounts from Fishbowl.
Accounts Receivable: Fishbowl handles order fulfillment, including sales orders, picking, packing, and shipping, and it updates Xero with the appropriate accounting adjustments, namely inventory asset, cost of goods sold, and income.
Payments: Any payments accepted in Fishbowl will be added to Xero as well. Of course, you can always take payments in Xero or use its online bill pay option.
Accounts Payable: Fishbowl manages inventory and purchase order creation. Once received, Fishbowl will send a bill to Xero with the necessary accounting entries.
Contacts: Along with invoices and bills, new customers and vendors are automatically added to Xero from Fishbowl.
Inventory Adjustments: Cycle counts, scrapping inventory, and other inventory adjustments that are made in Fishbowl will be sent to Xero automatically to keep your books spot on.
Manufacturing Adjustments: When work orders are completed in Fishbowl, they will post to Xero to update the general ledger accordingly.

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