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Fishbowl Integrates with Salesforce

Fishbowl for Salesforce is an app that allows salespeople to see current inventory counts within the CRM’s interface. Salesforce accesses data from Fishbowl to ensure salespeople out in the field can tell how many products are available to sell. And that’s just scratching the surface of what this integration of Fishbowl and Salesforce can do for your business.

Get real-time inventory data in the field with Fishbowl for Salesforce

Mobile Accessibility: Fishbowl for Salesforce is available on any mobile or desktop device you choose to use Salesforce on.
Current Quantities: Salespeople can check current inventory quantities before making a sale to avoid overpromising and other delays.
Detailed Information: Fishbowl also provides detailed information, such as product numbers, codes, descriptions, prices, and shipping carriers.
Order Fulfillment: New sales entered into Salesforce get pushed out to Fishbowl for faster order fulfillment.
Order Status: Salespeople can log into Salesforce and check on the status of orders they’ve placed for customers.
User Rights: Only people involved in the inventory management side need to be granted access to specific areas of Fishbowl, which prevents unnecessary data exposure.

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