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Fishbowl Integrates with SolidWorks

SolidWorks is the most popular engineering solution on the market that helps manufacturers design new products and tools. It generates 3D digital models of the items manufacturers plan to produce. Fishbowl Manufacturing integrates with SolidWorks to bring the theoretical into the real world with the following features.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration with SolidWorks

Import Assembly Files: You can instantly import assembly files from SolidWorks to Fishbowl.
Bill of Materials: Create a bill of materials in Fishbowl that includes all of the parts and materials required to build any product imported from SolidWorks.
Production Stages: Establish production stages to help with putting products together in the right order.
Access Rights: Grant access rights in Fishbowl to the appropriate users who work with SolidWorks.

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