Utility Apps

The following apps serve a variety of purposes and can be used by companies and organizations in many different industries. Take a look and see which ones can benefit you the most.

TaraByte Solutions (Integrated)

TaraByte Solutions+Fishbowl Gurus offers a QuickShip utility for those Fishbowl users using a third-party logistics provider. We have also done intranet utilities to capture data and ease of data entry.


LilyPad (Integrated)

LilyPad for Fishbowl is a subsidiary of Sharpe Concepts, a longtime Preferred Fishbowl Partner. LilyPad for Fishbowl provides fully integrated tools for Fishbowl users, developed in conjunction with the Fishbowl Developer Network and fully tested by Fishbowl Certified Application technicians. Years of distribution and manufacturing experience merge with Fishbowl expertise to provide intelligent applications and services to make your Fishbowl implementation more effective.


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