Even the best software depends on great hardware to be used to its fullest potential. Make sure Fishbowl and all of the add-ons in the Fishbowl Partner Marketplace can work properly by using approved hardware from one of these partners. You’ll find everything from barcode scanners to touchscreen monitors to keep you running at top speed.

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Fishbowl Hardware

Fishbowl’s partners offer a variety of approved hardware, including wireless barcode scanners, barcode printers, and point-of-sale kits. These tools integrate directly into Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Manufacturing, and they are designed to increase your productivity. There are several options to choose from in each category, so click on the appropriate link below and find the one that will best fit your needs.

Mobile Scanner Kits:

Pocket Scanners:

Barcode Printers:

Point of Sale Kits:

Point of Sale Hardware:

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Fishbowl Go

Fishbowl Go incorporates hardware and software to allow you to instantly update your inventory records with wireless barcode scanners. You can receive, order, cycle count, pick, and ship products and do much more from a barcode scanner when it’s connected to Fishbowl Go.


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LilyPad (Integrated)

LilyPad for Fishbowl is a subsidiary of Sharpe Concepts, a longtime Fishbowl Preferred Partner. LilyPad for Fishbowl provides fully integrated tools for Fishbowl users, developed in conjunction with the Fishbowl Developer Network and fully tested by Fishbowl Certified Application technicians. Years of distribution and manufacturing experience merge with Fishbowl expertise to provide intelligent applications and services to make your Fishbowl implementation more effective.


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