Besides inventory management and accounting, one of the most critical and oft-used pieces of software in a company is a CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager. Register leads, store contact information, record interactions, and schedule meetings, transact sales and mine data with CRMs like Salesforce and Sugar. Become more efficient by letting one of these certified partners link Fishbowl to your CRM!

Fishbowl for Salesforce

A big problem salespeople have faced when using Salesforce is that they don’t know for sure if they have enough inventory in stock to cover potential sales. Inventory levels change constantly and, until now, salespeople in the field had no idea what current inventory levels might be when they were sitting with customers creating purchase orders. Not anymore!

When you integrate and use the new Fishbowl for Salesforce app, your salespeople can see real-time inventory counts in Salesforce as they’re talking to customers. Product numbers, codes, descriptions, details, and pricing, along with information on shipping carriers, are updated from Fishbowl into Salesforce and there when you need them!

You’ll never have to guess or wonder if you are overpromising because you’ll have the real-time data right when you need it. Sales opportunities can now be maximized without fear of having to inform customers your that their orders will be delayed due to stock shortages.

Salespeople will love that they can easily confirm inventory availability, provide accurate pricing, close the sale and dynamically submit sales orders for immediate shipment, all while sitting in a customer’s office.

Click here to learn more about this exciting integration that will save time, increase ability to promise as well as order and shipping accuracy, and keep your sales coming in and orders going out smoothly!

Fishbowl for Salesforce

Tarabyte Solutions (Integrated)

Being able to track and nurture your customers, conversions and leads will help drive you through the sales cycle and give you the power to manage your business with ease. At TaraByte+Fishbowl Gurus, we can integrate your system with popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) packages, such as Salesforce and QuoteWerks, giving you the power to organize, automate and synchronize sales processes.

VA Partners (Integrated)

VA Partners create reports, customize programs, implement full-scale business intelligence tools, and more. They help you figure out what you need and how it needs to be done, and then they make it for you and provide full support. They have deep technology understanding, fast turnaround, and solid consulting and support. That’s why when people come to them, they stay with them for years.

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