Fishbowl integrates with Fishbowl Go

Fishbowl Integrates with Fishbowl Go

Fishbowl Go is an app that helps warehouse workers quickly cycle count inventory, receive and pick orders, and perform many other essential warehouse management tasks. It runs on any device running the Android® OS, and it integrates with the main Fishbowl software via a built-in Fishbowl Plugin.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration With
Fishbowl Go

Cycle Count: As you go through your warehouse and update product quantities, they will be instantly revised in your records, thanks to Fishbowl Go.

Receive Inventory: Fishbowl Go has a Receiving module to scan product barcodes and mark incoming inventory as received.

Pick Orders: Scan products out with the Picking module, which lets you quickly navigate your warehouse and pick multiple orders at the same time.

Retrieve Part Information: Get detailed part information by scanning its UPC or entering its SKU, serial number, lot number, or expiration date.

Move Inventory: Record product movements within a warehouse or between warehouses to ensure nothing gets lost or moved out of its designated place.

Update Work Orders: As work orders get completed, you can update their progress in your manufacturing records through Fishbowl Go.

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