New App Puts Fishbowl Mobile on Smartphones and Tablets

January 17, 2014

LilyPad Mobile Warehouse makes inventory management features available on any smart device

OREM, Utah, January 17, 2014 – Fishbowl™, maker of the bestselling add-on for QuickBooks® users, and Sharpe Concepts™, a leading provider of integrated software solutions, have announced a new Web-based application called LilyPad Mobile Warehouse (LMW).

LMW gives Fishbowl Mobile users expanded access to the same features as the inventory management desktop application on their smartphones, tablets, and all other wireless devices that run a Web browser. Prior to the release of LMW, users who purchased the Fishbowl Mobile application were limited to using high-end commercial devices to run the software.

LMW lets Fishbowl users log in to their account using their Fishbowl Inventory username and password, and they can then perform all of the functions that they can in Fishbowl Mobile: Pick, pack, ship, receive, move, and cycle count inventory, as well as check part information, and generate work orders. In addition, LMW adds two other popularly requested features to this list: Add and scrap inventory.

“LilyPad for Mobile adds much-requested ease of access and expanded ability that our customers haven’t been shy about telling us was sorely needed,” said Ian Bird, Fishbowl VP of Partner Nation. “We believe a large factor in the future success of technology and its usefulness lies in its ability to be accessed and used from everyday devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and accessed from when and where the consumer wants. We’re pleased that our longstanding and reputed partner, Sharpe Concepts, has taken the lead on making this technology access a reality.”

To learn more, call a Fishbowl representative at 1-800-774-7085 and ask for a free, personalized software demo.

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl Inventory, Technologies for Business, is the No. 1 selling inventory management software for QuickBooks users and it is also one of the best asset tracking solutions on the market today with clients like NASA, Nordstrom, and Mercedes-Benz. Fishbowl is a champion of business and the environment, helping organizations to immediately recognize ROI and reduce their carbon footprint and “Go Green” by efficiently managing inventory. Fishbowl also offers world-class educational training.

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