How Cloud Tech is Changing Inventory Management

Jonny Parker
December 18, 2023

Inventory management is the foundation of an efficient supply chain. Cloud computing is the evolution of that foundation. Like going from stone to steel, cloud computing adds sophistication and durability to existing management infrastructure. An increasing number of modern businesses prefer cloud-based inventory management over in-person models due to its insights and cost savings. 

Yet due to the growing market size of cloud inventory management systems, many businesses struggle to choose the right modality for their workflow. Since over half of businesses want to improve their inventory planning and demand forecasting, consider these ways in which cloud computing can manage inventory and shipping more efficiently than manual methods when choosing the software that fits your needs. 

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility is the hallmark of cloud inventory management. Cloud technology can automate supply chains by centralizing the data sources to one system. Instead of accounting for products by hand, routing them