Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Processing

Jonny Parker
December 13, 2023

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in the food industry refer to a collection of principles and guidelines implemented to ensure that all aspects of food processing adhere to respective safety and quality standards. These aspects include everything from receiving raw materials to shipping finished products. 

GMPs in the food industry encompass guidelines on staff hygiene, equipment maintenance, factory/plant sanitation, product labeling, and record-keeping. Such guidelines are in place to avoid contamination/cross-contamination and introducing foreign substances into the food supply.  

Complying with GMP guidelines is required of all businesses in the food industry, as it directly impacts whether or not food products are deemed safe for mass consumption. GMP guidelines are concerned not just with the facility’s cleanliness but also with how ingredients and finished products are handled.  

GMP compliance also improves food manufacturing efficiency since standardized procedures must be followed. Thus, businesses can streamline oper