How to Use A QuickBooks Inventory Scanner: A Guide

Aaron Thompson
February 5, 2024

A QuickBooks scanner is known by many names: barcode scanner, barcode reader, wireless mobile device, mobile device, and plenty more. However, that may not be a totally accurate statement because there can be a distinction between the first and all of the other names. Much like how a square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle can’t be a square, a QuickBooks scanner can be called by any of these other names, but a barcode scanner, barcode reader, etc. may not all qualify as a QuickBooks scanner. The difference between a QuickBooks scanner and these other ones is that the former specifically integrates with QuickBooks accounting software while the other ones may or may not integrate with it. That is an important distinction to make.

Now that we have clarified that key point, let’s proceed to get into the details of what a QuickBooks scanner is, what it does, and how it can benefit your business.

Quickly Update QuickBooks

When you scan a product’s barcode and record a new purchase order, shipment, or sale, the balance sheet in QuickBooks is automatically updated and an invoice, packing slip, and other documents are created. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise have to be spent making sure all of these tasks get done. You can track what information was added by which users to ensure accountability and accuracy. In addition, you can schedule regular updates to be sent to QuickBooks from your inventory management software so that they will be able to work in conjunction instead of getting out of sync.