eCommerce Fulfillment: Top 6 Methods to Fulfill Orders

Jonny Parker
February 7, 2024

The average eCommerce business faces a few ominous statistics in 2024’s increasingly competitive online shopping space. According to Baymard, over 70% of purchases are abandoned in the cart, with nearly half of those shoppers citing shipping costs and additional fees as the reason.

These are scary statistics, scary enough for 74% of global supply chain leaders to make demand planning their number one priority for digitization since 2022. However, refining your existing fulfillment process may not be enough. For many businesses, the eCommerce fulfillment method they choose is the most significant factor in determining how efficiently they can ship purchases to their customers, lowering cart abandonment and increasing customer loyalty in the process.

What distinguishes each method? How can businesses accurately match the method to their fulfillment structure? This guide will answer those questions and explore the top 6 methods to fulfill orders for eCommerce businesses.

What does “fulfillment” mean?

Many businesses use the term “fulfillment” without appreciating its scope. Order fulfillment is the complete process of managing a customer’s order from the time it is bought in their cart to the time it is in their hands. This single word challenges every step of an eCommerce business’s supply chain, from receiving the bulk goods or materials and storing them in the warehouse to picking,