Fishbowl ERP & QuickBooks Integration

Have You Outgrown QuickBooks And Are Looking To Move Up To An ERP Solution? You're in luck! You can keep using QuickBooks and add advanced ERP features to it by using Fishbowl.

Aaron Thompson
February 2, 2024

And You Can Do All Of This At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Erp's, And With Much Less Training, Time, And Hassle.

Benefits Of Fishbowl's ERP Solution

Fishbowl and QuickBooks include all of the ERP tools your growing business needs, including:

  • QuickBooks-integrated inventory management software
  • Warehouse management solution
  • Barcode scanners and other hardware
  • 1-year customer support plan
  • Premium inventory control analysis
  • Premium technical support for setup
  • Training webinars, videos, and other resources
  • And much more
  • Get a custom demo to see how you can use a QuickBooks ERP solution to take your business to the next level!

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