What’s sales order processing? A comprehensive guide

Sales order processing is foundational to business management — and has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Here’s how to optimize your order flow.

Jonny Parker
February 15, 2024

Thanks to global brands like Amazon, customers expect lightning-fast shipping and real-time updates about the status of their goods.

While you might not be able to match the speed of Amazon Prime, you can deliver a positive, memorable experience through efficient shipment processing and sales order management. Here’s what you need to know.

What’s sales order processing?

Sales order processing refers to the steps that occur after a buyer places an order, including sending a confirmation email, picking and packing the merchandise, and shipping. This type of processing, also known as “order management,” typically applies to businesses that ship products to customers after accepting an order through a dedicated platform.

If your business sells products directly on your website, any customer who purchases something online initiates the sales order process, but sales orders also apply to larger shipments, like manufacturing companies placing large orders for materials.

Developing a great sales order system helps you monitor and optimize your order process, identifying steps that cause delays or increase your lead time . Having these insights helps you develop more efficient workflows and remove bottlenecks to achieve higher customer satisfaction, regardless of the size of your company.