eCommerce Inventory Management: Techniques and Software

Learn all you need to know about eCommerce Inventory management in less than 10 minutes.

Jonny Parker
January 26, 2024

Businesses equipped with efficient fulfillment models, pretty websites, and inventory visibility may feel ready to achieve their eCommerce goals. Yet, none of those things can prevent customers from mulling over a product for a half hour, clicking on it, and learning it’s out of stock.   

The cost of understocking products is just as serious on the front end as the cost of storing overstocked merchandise on the back end. If businesses survive on customer loyalty, they get killed off by problems like these. 

How can eCommerce retailers address an issue that can’t be solved by visibility alone? The problem boils down to consolidation, or whether businesses can achieve a fulfillment model that tracks inventory in real-time, integrates and automates replenishment strategies, and centralizes order management and inventory tracking onto one multi-channel system.