Process manufacturing: Basics, benefits, and more

Jonny Parker
February 21, 2024

Ever consider the journey undergone by your favorite products? From raw materials to finished product, most everyday items go through some form of process manufacturing.

The process model is a foundational product development approach especially useful among those creating consumables like processed foods and beverages. But if your team deals with any formula-based development, it’s worth thoroughly understanding the basics of every process manufacturing system.

What’s process manufacturing?

Process manufacturing involves transforming raw materials into finished products through chemical, biological, or physical means. The transformation is irreversible, meaning you can’t retrieve the original materials upon completion. And this manufacturing type often relies on proprietary or patented formulas — think the secret recipe to Coca-Cola.

Typical industries using this manufacturing framework are food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. In these industries, ingredients are combined, bonded, heated, pressurized, or cooked (or some combination of these) to create a final product distinct from its initial components.