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July 31, 2009

OREM, Utah, July 31, 2009 — A recent product review of Fishbowl Inventory written by Theresa Carey was featured in the Business Software section of Small Business

“One of QuickBooks' failings, even the higher-end Enterprise versions, is its relatively weak inventory management module. QuickBooks does the job quite well for service-based companies, and companies that drop-ship products to their customers, but it has its limits for manufacturing firms or companies that assemble various pieces to make a complete product.

Several mid-range and high-end accounting software publishers, including Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, have built a business luring manufacturing firms away from QuickBooks. But following that road can be very expensive, especially once your company has more than five employees accessing the accounting system simultaneously.”

Expanded Inventory Control

“Enter Fishbowl, which allows companies that use QuickBooks to stick with their familiar program while hyper-charging its inventory management capabilities. Fishbowl Inventory was one of the first software firms to get involved with Intuit's third-party developer program. The program was designed and written to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks, and it shows.”

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