Fishbowl Fills QuickBooks Deficiency In Inventory Management

August 2, 2010

Business Software News explains using Fishbowl and QuickBooks

In reviewing the latest software releases by Sage and Intuit, I discovered a common theme – Inventory. Inventory Control is essential for an ERP solution, since inventory valuation often represents the largest number on the Balance Sheet. Inventory Management is critical for efficient production and order fulfillment. But in today’s economic climate, neither of these functions is the most important feature of an inventory solution.

“Software enables you to shift human resources from routine tasks to value-added customer service where the human touch makes a profound difference,” said Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

I believe the most important feature of Inventory Management is customer satisfaction. Your software’s ability to quickly provide item availability and accurate pricing is essential to providing excellent customer service.

In this edition of Business Software News, we take a look at the new features in Peachtree and MAS 90 to improve your ability to serve your clients. This is one area where Intuit falls behind the Sage products, but that deficiency is filled nicely by Fishbowl Inventory.

Fishbowl Inventory is a robust inventory control and warehouse management solution that integrates with QuickBooks for accounting.

Fishbowl, as the name implies, allows you to view and analyze business processes from whatever angle required. Fishbowl provides the ability to quickly enter orders and track them throughout order fulfillment which is crucial to providing a good customer experience.

The 2010 release of Fishbowl has two features that allow you to provide a greater level of customer service to your customers.

Product Configurator

Product customization has become increasingly expected, as customers want things their own way. Being able to quickly and accurately give quotes to customers and have those quotes flow into the production process reduces lead times, increases customer satisfaction, and saves the time of engineers and sales reps who normally calculate these things by hand. If your product can be sold in multiple colors, sizes or with other custom options, Fishbowl provides a way to define and use them.

Custom Pricing

It is often advantageous to be able to offer different prices to different types of customers. It is important that during the order creation process, the prices established for a particular customer are the prices actually used for that customer. In other industries it is important to be able to statically or dynamically update prices as the price of raw materials may change from month to month and/or day to day. A robust system like Fishbowl Inventory will allow businesses to create these price books (or pricing catalogs) based upon the customer, customer group, a specific product, or a product group. Fishbowl is also flexible enough to handle a Memorial Day sale and round prices to the nearest dollar.

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