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The Manufacture Order is designed to be a module where Work Orders, or the manufacturing of items, takes place. When items are worked on (whether manufactured, repaired, disassembled, serviced, etc.) a Work Order is created. This Work Order may be created by itself or through the demand of a Sales Order. The Work Order is placed on a Manufacture Order where it can be started, picked, and finished in short order. The Manufacture Module also allows multiple finished goods to be associated with a Work Order, which is convenient for those customers who require multi-level manufacturing. Whether your business process involves basic manufacturing or more complexity, such as multiple finished goods, stages, one-time items, price adjustments and substitutions, etc., Fishbowl has the features for all your manufacturing needs.

Manufacturing Features Map

Bill of Materials

Fishbowl Manufacturing® has a Bill of Materials (BOM) Module. Fishbowl has no limitations on the number of raw or finished goods that may be associated with a part, and manufacturing may take place as soon as a bill of materials has been established with these raw and finished goods. In fact, Fishbowl Manufacturing’s Auto Create and Quick Build features provide the user with a fast and easy way to manufacture products. Upon completion of a manufacturing job, the finished good is immediately placed either in inventory or on a sales order.

Configurable Items

Configurable products are ones that may change from order to order, depending on the customer. Fishbowl allows products to be configurable, meaning they are established with a variety of products a customer may choose from. For example, say you sell bikes. A customer wants your basic mountain bike; however they wish to switch out both the tires and the brakes for more heavy-duty ones. When creating the Manufacture Order, a salesman would have the option to not only replace the tires and brakes, but also add an additional charge to the product for the upgraded items.

Work Orders

Manufacture: Simply specify the part to be manufactured, enter the desired quantity and the required fulfillment date, and Fishbowl will pull the required components out of inventory based on the previously defined Bill of Materials. The Manufacture Order Module includes a variety of printable reports, such as Projected Cost, Traveler, Consumption, and Work Order Report. Items on a Bill of Materials may include labor, overhead, and inventory or non-inventory.

Repair: Take a part that needs to be repaired, remove the damaged item(s), add labor and replace the item(s) with new ones from inventory. The costs for new parts/labor are added to the cost of the repaired item.

Disassemble: Designed for those companies that purchase used items in order to disassemble them into their component parts. This may also be used for manufactured items that are being returned. Fishbowl’s disassemble function will take the used part and disassemble it into whichever components the user specifies.

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