Fishbowl Manufacturing

Complex manufacturing processes made simple with Fishbowl

Connecting all the steps, parts, and people throughout the manufacturing process has never been easier. From material handling to tracking production to projecting capacity, Fishbowl manages all your manufacturing operations in real time from a single platform.

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bearded man using a small tool to work on a machine part

When your customers are as varied as your part configurations, BOMs should be too

With fully customizable bill of materials (BOMs), you can build what you need when you need it, and in the most efficient way possible. Fishbowl allows you to define and manage simple or configurable builds, use sub-assemblies in your order of operations, and create unique BOMs for a single part, giving your workflows maximum flexibility.

Full-featured manufacturing management

Standardization creates efficiency and reduces errors in your manufacturing process. With complete control of elements like your BOMs and work orders, you can more accurately plan for and schedule your production and capacity. Fishbowl automates these steps and gives you visibility into opportunities for increased efficiency.

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Bill of Materials

Create simple, complex, multi-level, and staged BOMs

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Labor Cost Capture

Plan your production around to-the-minute labor costs

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Work Order Management

Customize your interface for your multi-faceted operation

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Capacity Planning

Schedule production around factors like seasonality and growth

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Production Scheduling

Organize manufacturing jobs by production stages