Silly Rabbit, These Inventory Tricks Are for Kits

March 21, 2012
Did you know that Fishbowl Inventory has a feature known as Kitting, which allows you to combine multiple products in a Sales Order into a single group? What does this mean and why is it useful to your business? I’ll be happy to show you. Bunny in a box, Fishbowl Inventory BlogPretty much everything you’ll find in this blog post can be found in the Fishbowl Wiki through the link above. The Fishbowl Wiki is a great resource if you have questions about Fishbowl’s features. By the way, Easter is approaching rapidly… and the best I could come up with for a tie-in is the title of this blog post and the cute picture to the side. I just thought I’d mention that, in case you’re a little confused by my choice of words and visuals. Anyway, let’s begin!

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

A Kit is a group of parts and/or products that are sold together as though they are a single product on a Sales Order. The nice thing is that a Kit doesn’t have to be permanent; you can break it apart and sell items separately if you prefer. Kits don’t just have to contain parts and products; they can also include different tax rates, discounts, and other variables. Here are all the ways you can configure Kits with Fishbowl Inventory: Standard: A Kit Item that includes a product name, amount, and unit of measure. This is the most basic information required for a Kit. Optional: A Kit Item that includes several optional parts or products. This starts getting a bit more complex by introducing different items in a single Kit. Variable: A Kit Item that includes just one product and a variable amount. The amount has to be within a certain range, which you set. Optional-Variable: A Kit Item that includes several different options of products and variable amounts for all of them. Discount: A Kit Item that has a price discount. This allows you to offer a lower price on some products but not every product in a Sales Order. Tax Rate: A Kit Item that has a specific tax rate. This comes in handy if you’re selling products that are taxed at different rates.

Here’s Looking at You, Kit

Kits make it easier to sell items because they organize the products you’re selling into well-defined groups. Rather than having to create several Sales Orders for a single order, you can simplify the process by having different rules that apply to different groups of products within the same order. To learn more about how Fishbowl Inventory can help you with your order management needs, take a quick tour of the software today.