How to Create Sales Orders in Fishbowl

March 4, 2016
Would you like to know how to create sales orders in Fishbowl? This is your video! SOs are a basic necessity in running a business, so knowing how to create them is foundational to effectively managing your inventory. This video shows you how to:
  • Create a new sales order
  • Customize the SO number
  • Change the Sales Order module options
  • Add a customer and their billing and shipping address
  • Add products and quantities
  • Handle returns, credits, discounts, tax rates, and more
  • Check inventory levels to ensure you have enough to fulfill an order
  • Edit line items
  • And much more
After watching this video you’ll be extremely knowledgeable about navigating Fishbowl’s Sales Order module and creating and issuing SOs. There are a lot of nuances to SO creation, so pay close attention to all the details contained in this helpful tutorial. Click the link above to visit the Fishbowl Wiki article dedicated to the Sales Order module. That’s a great reference guide.