Regarding the Receiving Module

June 8, 2018
As you might expect, the Receiving module contains everything you need to accept orders into your warehouse and add them to your inventory records. We’ll cover the general information you’ll see in this module so you can get a feel for it.

Many inventory management software buyers are looking for basic inventory control features, but they can get more, Fishbowl BlogSearch Panel

There’s a Search panel, like most of the other modules in Fishbowl. You’ll see all of your sales orders and purchase orders that are in the process of being received in this panel. In addition, you can search for specific ones or narrow them down by entering search criteria and hitting the Search button.

SO and PO Information

Once you find what you’re looking for, click on the appropriate SO or PO and you’ll see a lot of information at the top:
  • SO or PO number
  • Date issued
  • Order status
  • Freight on board
  • Customer or vendor name
  • Seller or buyer

Line Items

For each line item in a sales order, you’ll see:
  • Status
  • Number
  • Description
  • Vendor number
  • Quantity
  • Unit of measure
  • Scheduled date
  • Reference number
  • Original cost
  • Billed cost
Line items in purchase orders include all of the information above, as well as two more things:
  • Bill date
  • Landed cost
When you click on a line item in a sales order, you have the option to hold, receive, reconcile, fulfill, or void it. You can also reconcile orders so you can clear up any discrepancies between what you ordered and what you actually received. These and other tools are available to you in the Receiving module. Next time we’ll supply facts on the Vendor module. Stay tuned!