How to Create Credit Returns for Purchase Orders in Fishbowl

February 21, 2017
Would you like to know how to create a credit return for a purchase order in Fishbowl? Why else would you be here! The video above walks you step by step through the entire process. Begin by going into the Purchase Order module in the Purchasing module group, and select the purchase order you want to do a credit return in. Push the Duplicate button to create a duplicate of the purchase order. It will include the same vendor and line item, which are both necessary components of the return process. Simply double-click on the line item to bring up various options and then find the dropdown menu that lets you change the item’s status to Credit Return from Purchase. Issue the purchase order and then pick, pack, and ship the item you’re planning to return. The video above goes into a bit more detail than this quick description, so check it out! And you can return any unused portion.