Order Management: Shipping

With Fishbowl, you can pick, pack, and ship products efficiently

Pick, Pack and Ship


The great thing about Fishbowl’s Picking module is that it allows you to find items based on their location and organize products in a warehouse so they’re in the best order to speed up the picking process.

You can also track products based on their serial numbers, lot numbers, and other criteria. Group picking lets you pick products to fill multiple orders at the same time. This saves a lot of time.

Fishbowl helps you prevent products from spoiling or becoming obsolete by giving you the option to pick products by their order date and also to put expiration warnings on perishable items. That way, you won’t accidentally ship a product that has passed its expiration date. You can also use LIFO and FIFO methods for managing your inventory.


Fishbowl offers flexibility in preparing products for shipment. You can specify how many products you want to go into each carton or box, and you can organize them based on product size, destination, and additional factors. Packing lists are simple to create and include in shipments.


Fishbowl is fully compatible with UPS, USPS, and FedEx (as well as virtually any other carrier through its partners). So you can quickly print all of the shipping labels and tracking numbers you need to ship your products through these carriers. You also have the option to ship containers by carrier, which means you can organize your shipments so that as different carriers come to retrieve them you can give them all of the ones you’re shipping through them.

You can receive and send automatic emails about when shipments are sent and when they are received. This lets you track their progress and keep your customers informed on when they can expect them.

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