Fishbowl lets you track inventory in multiple locations

multiple location screenshot

As your business grows and expands into multiple warehouses, stores, and/or offices, you need to be able to monitor inventory levels in each of your locations. Doing this helps you to make the best use of your resources and avoid stockpiling products in one place while running dry in another.

Fishbowl’s advanced multiple-location tracking features let you do many essential things, including:

  • Viewing each location and its entire inventory
  • Finding which locations have a specific part or product
  • Analyzing inventory valuation, sales, parts, and quantities by location
  • Discovering seasonal and location-based trends in demand

Another great thing about Fishbowl is that it is relatively quick for employees to be trained on and use in their everyday tasks. You can limit your employees’ user rights so they’ll only have access to information for the locations they have direct responsibility over.

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