Fishbowl integrates with SalesForce®

Fishbowl for Salesforce® allows your salespeople in the field to check inventory levels back in the warehouse before closing a sale. They can make sales calls with confidence, knowing that everything on a sales order is in stock and ready to ship immediately. And, to further increase efficiency, Salesforce automatically sends order details to your shipping department after salespeople finalize a sale.

Watch the Fishbowl For Salesforce Video

Fishbowl is excited to offer a Salesforce integration app!

This integration will save time by streamlining your sales and order management operations. Increase overall efficiency, and decrease customer frustration by guaranteeing that your customers get what they ordered without shipping delays due to stock shortages.

Dynamic Inventory Data When Salespeople Need It Most

A big problem salespeople have faced when using Salesforce is not knowing for sure if they have enough inventory in stock to cover potential sales. Inventory levels change constantly and, until now, salespeople in the field had no idea what current inventory levels might be when they were sitting with customers creating purchase orders.

But now, with the Fishbowl for Salesforce integration,

your salespeople can see real-time inventory counts in Salesforce as they're talking to customers. Product numbers, codes, descriptions, details and pricing, along with information on shipping carriers, are all available right there when you need them to close that sale.

They'll never have to guess if they're overpromising because they'll have the data right in front of them. Sales opportunities can now be maximized without fear of having to inform customers their orders will be delayed due to stock shortages.

Now salespeople can easily confirm inventory availability, provide accurate pricing, close the sale and dynamically submit sales orders for immediate shipment, all while sitting in a customer's office.

Two Systems Working As One

Your salespeople can now live in Salesforce while working in the field, and once back in the office, everything they've entered in Salesforce will be available to them when they log into Fishbowl to manage their orders.

No double data entry will be necessary in either system

and both will work like one highly efficient system, giving salespeople and those working in the warehouse and shipping departments everything they need to quickly and easily satisfy every sales order in the system.

Fishbowl for Salesforce synchronizes your customers, products, location groups in both software solutions. So when a sale is made to a new customer in Salesforce, it automatically adds that customer's information to Fishbowl, which then gets the ball rolling on shipping the order out. For an existing customer, it just tells Fishbowl to add a new sales order to their account.

Real-time data means bigger sales and happier customers. And the entire process just got easier for everyone involved.