Cycle Counting Inventory

Cycle Counting Inventory

Perform Cycle Counting With Fishbowl Go®

With Fishbowl Go, you have the ability to perform cycle counting. This allows you to quickly update product and part quantities right in the middle of your warehouse! Without Fishbowl Go, you have two options to perform a cycle count: 1. Print an Excel spreadsheet with product quantities and do a physical count to mark which quantities are incorrect, then update the Excel file and do a mass data update. 2. Do a physical count of products and then update them one by one in a computer.

Now you can use a wireless mobile device to scan product and part barcodes and enter their quantities as you go. If they are different than the amounts you have in Fishbowl, they will be automatically updated. This is a big time saver.

Cycle counting is part of a perpetual inventory system. Using this system, you can count your inventory one section at a time instead of having to shut down operations for a complete check. Check out our main Fishbowl page to learn more about the new ways Fishbowl can help your small business.

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