Fishbowl and SanaCare work together to provide PPE during COVID-19 Pandemic

April 13, 2020

Fishbowl and SanaCare work together to provide PPE during COVID-19 Pandemic

Software is key to distribute hard-to-get products

OREM, Utah, April 13, 2020 – As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to run its course, some medical supply distributors utilize Fishbowl Warehouse® to help them navigate complex inventory issues to deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies to healthcare facilities working the front lines.

SanaCare®, a Miami-based master distributor of medical supplies, recommends hospitals and other healthcare organizations place their orders for PPE now since everything is back-ordered and will be for months. Currently, back-ordered products are first-in-first-out, meaning those who place their orders in early receive their requests first, or in the order they were received. (See more about SanaCare’s use of Fishbowl®)

SanaCare, who distributes medical supplies to sub-distributors throughout the U.S., the Caribbean, and Central and South America, uses Fishbowl Warehouse not only to manage its business but also to help the company quickly respond to the shortages and supply issues between the manufacturers and those who need medical supplies created by the pandemic.

“Everything related to PPE is back-ordered and behind,” said Christopher Carvajal, regional sales manager at SanaCare. “The supply chain is pushed to the limit due to the pandemic. This is especially true for masks, face shields, gloves, and other PPE products. It’s a real issue, but we can help our customers get needed supplies as quickly as possible and at the best prices due to our relationships with manufacturers and product vendors and our ability to manage inventory efficiently.”

For SanaCare, inventory efficiency means receiving their products and supplies as timely as possible and getting them through their warehouse quickly to meet demand along with meeting the requirements of the FDA and other regulations.

“The FDA oversees the [medical] industry, and one of the biggest challenges is … to ensure the traceability of products throughout the lifecycle … from inventory to the patient,” said Carvajal. “This is true for all aspects of our business, but especially during this time of economic impact from Coronavirus. Fishbowl is key in helping us keep track of all this information.”

During this crucial time, Fishbowl Warehouse allows SanaCare to receive more substantial quantities of products and supplies to organize into smaller packs to deliver to a hospital that generally could not have ordered a smaller order directly from the manufacturer.

“We used to have to do all of this manually, but Fishbowl Warehouse gives us the means to automate and track everything through the process. It is much more efficient for our customers and us, and eliminates human error,” said Carvajal.

Fishbowl Warehouse, which also seamlessly integrates with SanaCare’s QuickBooks accounting system, allows its warehouse personnel, who are all currently working overtime, meet the demand of their current customers as well as meet the increased needs of hard to get PPE supplies out to caregivers and patients in different parts of the world.

Regarding their work to supply medical equipment during the pandemic, Carvajal said, “We always try to put ourselves in our patients’ shoes. We aren’t concerned with prices; we are always looking to help the patient heal.”

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