Fishbowl integrates with Fishbowl Hosted Services


Fishbowl Hosted Services™ provides offsite server hosting to relieve a lot of IT worries. Get the latest Fishbowl software and the Microsoft Office suite pre-installed and accessible on virtually any device with an Internet connection. Plus, enjoy world-class security and data backups to keep your information safe and secure.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration With
Hosted Services

Pre-Installed Software: After you purchase a Fishbowl license, you’ll find the Fishbowl software pre-installed on any device through Fishbowl Hosted Services.

Readily Available Backups: Fishbowl Hosted Services regularly backs up your data, so if you suffer a computer crash or other problem, you can quickly get back up and running and not lose any important data.

Remote Access: Open your Fishbowl client or other software hosted through Fishbowl Hosted Services on any device remotely.

Enterprise-Level Security: Fishbowl uses the latest security measure to ensure your data remains safe and only accessible by authorized people in your company.

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