Emergency Shutoff: 4 Useful Tools That Keep Factories and Employees Safe

March 12, 2018
Staying safe in any work environment is important. It protects your employees as well as your company. Here are some of the useful tools that help to keep your factory and your employees safe.

Emergency shutoff switch, Fishbowl BlogFire Suppression Systems

Fire is always a concern in a factory setting. Having a fire suppression system can protect your employees and your assets. It will allow any fire to be contained before it has a chance to get out of control. Depending on the type of factory, this will dictate your suppression system. Some types of fires may become more dangerous with the application of water. For example, metal and chemical fires may benefit more from a gas suppression system over the traditional sprinkler setup.

Durable Switch Boxes

You want your safety switches and machine controls to last a lifetime. You can ensure this by installing them into a durable control box cover from AttaBox. These boxes are about the same size as a standard junction box. They also have the added benefit of being specially designed for a factory setting. This means that they’re water tight and chemically resistant. This will allow the switch to continue working no matter the conditions.

Hazardous Chemical Ventilation System

Some factories use chemicals as a part of the manufacturing process. This can present a hazard to your employees in the event of a chemical spill. You want to be able to dispel the fumes quickly and safely. Install a ventilation system that is designed to deal with hazardous chemicals. This can allow the situation to be contained before it becomes a larger problem. It may be able to save your employees lives in the event of an emergency situation.

Safety Guards

In any factory, there are always machines that present a hazard to your employees’ well-being. Saws and other types of machines can pose a cutting or crushing hazard to your employees. Installing the appropriate guards will give your employees an extra safe guard when it comes to avoiding injury. These guards may even be able to prevent fragments from shooting all over your factory. Flying debris could injury someone seriously. Keeping these guards in good working order will also protect your employees. Safety should be the number one priority in any factory setting. Using these tools can help you to keep your employees and your factory safer in the event of an equipment malfunction or some other type of emergency situation.