Go from the Longest Year to Your Strongest Year

December 1, 2020
Go from the longest year to your strongest year by using Fishbowl.

2020 has been a long year. Businesses have struggled to conform to COVID-19 safety guidelines to keep their customers and employees safe while also having to deal with significant supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions, and other problems. If you’ve found yourself asking “Will this year ever end?” you’re not alone. As we finally come to the end of the year, we can reflect on what went wrong and how we can make next year go right.

Fishbowl’s manufacturing and warehouse management software can help you go from the longest year to your strongest year. While your competitors are shrinking, you can expand. Increase employee productivity, add mobility, cut costs, find new opportunities for growth, and make better use of your resources. How can a software solution help you stage such a dramatic turnaround? Let’s find out.

Increase Employee Productivity

Your employees can get more done when they’re not spending half their time combing through the warehouse for lost items or manually entering numbers into a desktop computer. Fishbowl lets you optimize your warehouse layout, perform batch picks, and make other time-saving changes to your inventory management. Integration with other businesses solutions, such as QuickBooks, eliminates double data entry. An app called Fishbowl Go allows you to use smartphones and tablets as barcode scanners to speed up both ordering items and fulfilling sales orders.

Add Mobility

Fishbowl Hosted Services enables your employees to work from home or any other location that is the most convenient for them. It does this by hosting your server on a VPN or other network and making it accessible to authorized personnel via Internet connection. Warehouse workers will still need to be in the warehouse, of course, but they are not tied to a desktop computer, and they can access detailed inventory data from anywhere in the warehouse on their mobile devices.

Cut Costs

There’s an ROI Tool that helps you calculate all of the cost savings you will receive by using Fishbowl to manage your inventory. It also shows you how quickly the software pays for itself and continues to be a boon to your business thereafter. These cost-cutting factors include the ability to automate time-consuming processes, allow communication and collaboration between departments, optimize your workforce, and comply with government regulations. Saving money is essential in the current economy, and Fishbowl is ideal at helping you do just that.

Find New Opportunities for Growth

The detailed reports in Fishbowl offer unique insights into your sales, purchases, and other aspects of your operations. These allow you to spot seasonal sales trends, see which items are often sold together, find sales patterns at each location, and much more. By identifying these trends, you can plan your inventory strategy so that you will have enough items on hand to meet demand without going overboard. And that is just scratching the surface of the new opportunities that open up when you analyze your inventory data in Fishbowl.

Make Better Use of Your Resources

Do you ever find yourself stuck with too much of a certain product, to the point that it’s taking up valuable shelf space and tying up your money unnecessarily? Reduce the risk of overstocks by setting up automatic reorder points on all of your items. Then you will only reorder goods when you need to, and you won’t end up with too many or too few. Other things we’ve already discussed also fall under this category. You can help your workers be more productive with Fishbowl’s many automation features.

Make this year your best yet by using Fishbowl to manage your inventory and more! Sign up for an online demo of Fishbowl today.