How to Keep Track of Construction Tools on a Job Site

Jonny Parker
October 27, 2023

Being able to track construction tools effectively is key to ensuring that everyone can do their jobs on time. Having a reliable construction tool tracking software that workers can access even on the job site is often the solution to saving time — unless you want your team manually searching their vehicles, toolboxes, or your tool cribs for what they need.

With a system that allows you to track tools in real-time, you can always find the right tools you need, keep track of critical maintenance dates, and ensure high-value items don’t get misplaced.

Tips for tracking construction tools

Here are some best practices for ensuring that you have a better tool inventory management system:

Have an accurate list of your inventory

If you haven’t done it already, ensuring tools are tagged and logged into your construction tool tracking software can save you precious time searching for tools and equipment during crunch time. It may be labor intensive at the beginning, but there are ways to ensure that you don’t have to stop working to keep track of the tools you use:

  • Ask your job site managers to take an inventory of the tools they have
  • Grant your site managers access to your database so that they can effectively tag and encode tools from their end
  • Have someone from the headquarters consolidate everything and check to ensure that the central inventory is accur