Whiteboard Wednesday: What Are Common Inventory Problems?

Come on in and let’s talk about common inventory problems. This Whiteboard Wednesday video discusses six problems many companies face as they attempt to manage their inventory.

It also offers solutions to them, which I’ll elaborate on a bit: Continue reading

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The Dirty Details for Getting the Best Delivery Service for Your Company

Get up close and personal to pick the right shippers for your company, Fishbowl BlogWhen delivery of goods or important hard copy data is crucial to your business, understanding the details of delivery services can help avoid delays and problems that can easily arise.

Businesses should choose delivery services based on experience with the specific type of service required on a regular basis. For example, shipping equipment to customers, or getting data to clients in a timely and cost-effective manner is an important factor to consider to keep control of business budgets.

There are several details to pay attention to in order to get the best delivery service for your company. Your expediters and shipping department managers should know these two, at least. Continue reading

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Fishbowl’s QuickBooks Integration Isn’t Affected by Recent Events

Fishbowl's connection with QuickBooks remains unbroken, Fishbowl BlogIf you heard that Intuit’s QuickBooks desktop REST API and Sync Manager will be discontinued on March 1, 2016, you might be wondering how this will affect Fishbowl’s integration with QuickBooks. I’m here to tell you about it… although the title of this blog post probably says it all.

Intuit is increasingly moving toward an online focus for its accounting solution, but it’s certainly not abandoning its desktop versions anytime soon. Those versions are still extremely popular with many small and midsize businesses. Continue reading

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See How Fishbowl Helped Spark R&D Dramatically Improve Their Operation

I talked about Spark R&D a few weeks ago. They have done amazingly well carving out their own niche as the best producer of splitboard bindings in the business. And Fishbowl has been right there with them, helping them to overcome logistical challenges and keep their business running smoothly.

Watch the video case study above to get the whole story. Here are a few highlights:

  • They needed more than a spreadsheet only one person could access; they needed an inventory management system accessible to everyone.
  • Each department can now track the inventory they’re responsible for.
  • They’re pleased by all of the modules and software integrations available
  • Fishbowl helps with creating sales orders and then picking, packing, and shipping products to customers.
  • It’s easy to check inventory quantities in Fishbowl to avoid shortages and miscommunication.
  • They think of Fishbowl not as a time-saving tool but as a necessary tool.

Check out the video above, and sign up for a free trial of Fishbowl to see for yourself how it can help your company.

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Get Ready for Big Changes to Business Tax Preparation

You've got to prepare for changes to tax preparation, Fishbowl BlogEach year, businesses have housekeeping to do as they prepare for new operations, and taxes can take up most of the work. Reporting finances appropriately is important to all companies, especially if you want to avoid an audit or other tricky situations. Each year there will be updated forms and revised filing requirements and tax rates to consider. The schedule for making payments may also have been tweaked, so readjusting calendars is critical. As a safety net, companies should research the changes first and make sure all their own finances will be reported accordingly. Continue reading

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How to Set Up Fishbowl Anywhere

I introduced Fishbowl Anywhere in a blog post last week, and now here is a video explaining how to actually set it up in the Fishbowl interface. Continue reading

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This Whiteboard Wednesday Video Made a Big Impact

One of Fishbowl’s customers recently told us that the Whiteboard Wednesday video above made a big difference in their business. The video describes how not to manage inventory in a humorous way.

Our customer said it’s fun to watch and it showed employees, not in a judgmental way but a positive way, that there’s a better means to manage inventory. Their employees adapted to a new mentality and things have been much better as a result. Continue reading

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Did You Know Fishbowl Has an ROI Tool

Maximize your ROI on inventory control software, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl’s inventory management features are designed to save companies time and money. And today we’re going to talk about the specific ways Fishbowl does this.

Fishbowl has an ROI tool that lets you calculate the savings you’ll receive by implementing Fishbowl and how long it will take for those savings to cover the initial cost of the software. You’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Check out the Fishbowl ROI Tool and start inputting the following bits of information into the text boxes to see your savings. These things are separated into five categories: Continue reading

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Introducing Fishbowl Anywhere

Fishbowl Anywhere is a plugin that makes Fishbowl available on any Internet-connected device, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl is now accessible anywhere, thanks to a new plugin appropriately called Fishbowl Anywhere!

This means you can take Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse with you wherever you go. You don’t have to stay on a desktop computer with the Fishbowl Client installed on it. Just install the Fishbowl Server on a desktop computer and download the Fishbowl Anywhere plugin, then you can just open a Web browser on any Internet-connected device and launch the Fishbowl Client.

Here are the most important things to know about Fishbowl Anywhere: Continue reading

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Did You Know Fishbowl Integrates with Salesforce

Did you know Fishbowl integrates with Salesforce? That’s right, the best manufacturing and warehouse management software for SMBs is designed to work hand in hand with the biggest name in CRMs.

Here’s a video that succinctly describes the whole thing : Continue reading

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