How to Set Up and Use Fishbowl Go

Fishbowl Go is an app that works on any mobile device with the Android operating system. It’s a great fit for manufacturers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, retailers, and other organizations.

It allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to: Continue reading

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Fishbowl Customers Share How Fishbowl Helps with FDA Compliance

Fishbowl has helped many companies become FDA compliant, Fishbowl BlogI’ve covered if Fishbowl is FDA compliant and its specific features that allow companies to become FDA compliant in previous blog posts.

Now it’s time for me to stop talking and let two Fishbowl customers share their experiences with the software. These are people who know what it’s like to work under FDA standards, and they have high praise for Fishbowl’s features. Let’s listen to what they have to say. Continue reading

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What’s Missing from Your Business Management Systems?

What is missing from your business management system? Fishbowl BlogIn today’s business world, it’s more important than ever for companies big and small to focus on better management systems that meet or exceed expectations. Most businesses have trouble learning how to maintain systems that improve performance management, even though it’s an important ingredient for success. To gain a better understanding of what’s missing from most systems, here are some examples of how some simple ideas can result in a winning business management system. Continue reading

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How to Fulfill a Sales Order in Fishbowl

I’m just going to come right out and say it – this video is awesome. It’s got everything you need to know in order to fulfill a sales order in Fishbowl. Creating sales orders and fulfilling them is part and parcel to just about any business. And Fishbowl has a pretty straightforward SO process.

This how-to video goes through it step by step, moving from one module to the next to ensure orders get picked, packed, and shipped. When everything is said and done you can check off one more SO as fulfilled.

So let’s not waste any time. Watch the video above and immerse yourself in the world of SOs!

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Farewell to Mary Michelle Scott

Mary Michelle Scott has retired as the president of Fishbowl.Mary Michelle Scott has retired from her position as the president of Fishbowl. She held that position for five years from from January 2011 to April 2016. She came to Fishbowl at a precarious time in the company’s history and she leaves at a time when the company has never been in a stronger position.

In mid-2011, Fishbowl managed to obtain a $1 million loan from Zions Bank just in time to meet an important deadline. Then Fishbowl earned enough profit to completely pay it back seven years ahead of schedule at the end of that same year – before it had to pay a single penny in interest. Continue reading

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How to Choose the Best Building for Your New Warehouse

Picking the right warehouse location has a huge impact on your business success, Fishbowl BlogChoosing the right building for your new warehouse can make or break your success. If the building does not function effectively to meet your business needs, that will be a big barrier on your path to success. Likewise, if the location is too far out of reach, you’ll waste unnecessary time on traveling and shipping products. So, before you set up shop in a new location, be sure to consider your business’s needs, the physical location of the building, accessibility, and cost. Continue reading

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How to Set Up Fishbowl’s Xero Plugin

Fishbowl doesn’t just integrate with QuickBooks Online and all of the QuickBooks desktop versions, it also integrates with another online accounting solution called Xero. And it does this through a fantastic plugin.

The video above shows you how to log into your Xero account from the Fishbowl interface and integrate the two solutions together. Continue reading

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11 Ways Fishbowl Helps Companies Reach Strict FDA Compliance

Fishbowl gives companies the tools to become FDA compliant, Fishbowl BlogLast week I answered the question: Is Fishbowl FDA compliant? It turns out that that question is framed incorrectly because no software can claim to be FDA compliant. It’s up to businesses to use Fishbowl’s technical control features in a way that meets FDA compliance standards.

So the question becomes: What are the technical controls Fishbowl offers to allow companies to become FDA compliant? Continue reading

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Warehouse Genius: How to Keep All Your Records Organized

Keep your warehouse data organized, Fishbowl BlogRecordkeeping can be a tedious task to have to perform. Searching for files, updating files and keeping them organized so that nothing is out of place sometimes gets a little overwhelming. Every day, people look for simple solutions to data organization problems; yet, it seems that the record filing procedures around your warehouse have serious issues. Here are a few methods for better organizing your warehouse records. Continue reading

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Red Tape Barriers All New Businesses Have to Face

Starting a new business involves going through a lot of red tape, Fishbowl BlogMany of today’s entrepreneurs find themselves in a constant battle against the corrosive realities of bureaucracy and red tape. While they try to focus on their strategic plans, new startup business managers often spend precious time struggling to keep up to date with ever-shifting regulatory requirements.

What follows is an examination of some of the many red-tape barriers that new business owners will sooner or later face and how to prepare for them. Continue reading

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