Inventory Management: Why It Is Key for Your Business Success

Inventory management is a huge key to success in business, Fishbowl BlogBusinesses must make decisions, even with uncertainties looming over them. These can be routine or strategic, but either way, such decisions influence the success of your business. The right tools combined with relevant guidance are key to making effective decisions. Inventory management is all encompassing of aspects affecting your business from many dimensions. Hence the need to ensure proper inventory management, as noted in the Huffington Post. Continue reading

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Did You Know Fishbowl Has a Reorder Point Calculator

Fishbowl offers a reorder point calculator that anyone can access, free of charge. Isn’t that nice?

Fishbowl has a reorder point calculator, Fishbowl BlogWhy a Reorder Point Calculate?

It goes without saying that reordering is important in the order management process. Companies need to plan ahead and maintain equilibrium on products going out and coming into their warehouses. That’s where a reorder point calculator comes in handy.

Fishbowl’s reorder point calculator helps companies in several ways: Continue reading

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Experience the 8th Annual Fishbowl Day of Service

Fishbowl’s 8th annual Day of Service came and went on Friday, July 15, 2016. Fishbowl’s employees left the office that day and went into the nearby mountains to clean up and restore the Theater in the Pines. It was a wonderful experience. Continue reading

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Six Tips to Become a Better Project Manager

Look for ways to become a better project manager, Fishbowl BlogThe job of a project manager entails some heavy responsibilities that can impact the future direction of the company you work for. You need to be aware of your team members, the project’s process and timetable, and, most importantly, the big picture for the outcomes you want to see. The people you’ll be managing may not see past the work they do, but you’ll have to keep everything in line with the overarching goals.

To be a great project manager, you’ll need to motivate your team to do their best work without micromanaging their every move, according to Workfront. It’s a big step in your career and it can push you toward more success and different projects in the future.

While many professionals can only dream of this position, stepping into the shoes of a project manager for the first time can be overwhelming, to say the least. Here are six tips to help you become better at your job. Continue reading

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Did You Know Fishbowl Is Accessible Online

You can access Fishbowl from anywhere with Fishbowl Anywhere, Fishbowl BlogWelcome to another edition of the Did You Know series where we explore facts you might not have known about Fishbowl. Let’s get started!

Did you know the desktop Fishbowl software is now accessible online? This frees you from the desktop so you can do essential inventory management tasks in more places. And this is made possible by a product aptly named Fishbowl Anywhere. Continue reading

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Injured in the Workplace? 4 Things You Should Know

Being injured on the job can be a stressful and confusing experience. Following the four tips below will help an injured employee better deal with their situation and successfully navigate the complex workers’ compensation process. Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: What Is FDA Compliance?

What is FDA compliance and how does it affect manufacturers and warehouse workers? James Shores answers these questions in this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has regulations governing product safety and approval. To be FDA compliant, wholesalers need to be able to: Continue reading

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Did You Know Fishbowl Has Video Case Studies

It’s been three months since I published my last Did You Know blog post. It’s about time we get back into the swing of things to shine some light on areas of Fishbowl you might not know existed.

For this return post, I’m going to treat you to four videos Fishbowl has produced. These are video case studies that show how different types of companies have benefited from using Fishbowl in their daily activities. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Making Your Warehouse as Efficient as Possible

Increase warehouse efficiency with these simple steps, Fishbowl BlogIf you manage a warehouse, then you might be wondering what steps you should take so that you can increase the efficiency of your daily operations. There are many things you can do to make your warehouse more productive than ever before, and it’s important that you experiment so you can find the method that is right for you.

Manage Your Team

Learning to manage your team more effectively is a good place to start when you want to increase the efficiency of your warehouse. You must take steps to encourage your team to put in their best effort at all times. You can do this by offering incentives to your employees for performing well. Although it’s a good place to start, team management is not enough on its own when you want to experience the best possible results. Continue reading

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Get Specific with These Fishbowl Feature Sheets

Fishbowl's feature sheets showcase everything its solutions can do, Fishbowl BlogIn previous blog posts I’ve talked about the two Fishbowl brochures that focus on all of Fishbowl’s products and Fishbowl Anywhere, respectively.

Now I’m going to share something a little different. Not only does Fishbowl have informative brochures, but it also offers a number of features sheets that succinctly list the capabilities of its software solutions. So let’s get on with the feature presentation! Continue reading

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