ShipRush Inventory Management

Fishbowl integrates with ShipRush®

ShipRush helps take the hassle out of shipping for eCommerce & Fishbowl shippers. With direct integrations with all the major carriers, shippers can print labels, send email notifications, do side-by-side rate comparisons and much more, all with a few clicks.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration With

Export Orders: A single click in Fishbowl will export all of the required shipping information to ShipRush for label printing. No copy/paste needed.

Import Shipments: Once processed in ShipRush, shipment details will automatically be posted back to Fishbowl, including tracking numbers, shipping costs, and service selected.

Ease of Access: ShipRush can be loaded directly from Fishbowl after a simple plugin installation. No seperate program installation is needed.

Supports All Major Carriers: ShipRush can be configured to ship with UPS, USPS, FedEx and more (, and offers true rate shopping so you can compare your available services, side by side, all on the same shipping screen.

Streamline Your Shipping: With presets for quickly setting common shipment information and automation rules for saving on clicks for common shipping tasks (like rate shopping!), ShipRush makes it so shippers have their labels ready to go in moments.

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