Reckon Inventory Management

Fishbowl Australia integrates with Reckon

Reckon is the Australian version of QuickBooks®. Both are made by Intuit® and they come in online and desktop versions. Fishbowl is the #1 inventory solution for QuickBooks, so it makes perfect sense that Fishbowl Australia® integrates with Reckon to help SMBs down under synchronize their inventory and accounting records.

Benefits of Fishbowl's Integration With

Australian Tax Laws: Fishbowl Australia obeys Australia’s tax laws, and it works well with Reckon, which also obeys them.

Canadian Currency: Fishbowl Australia’s home currency is the Australian dollar. It can convert any other currency into Australian dollars and then send those figures to Reckon for proper bookkeeping.

Seamless Integration: Fishbowl Australia seamlessly integrates with Reckon to sync up a company’s inventory and accounting records.

No Double Data Entry: By integrating with Reckon, Fishbowl Australia eliminates double data entry. It updates Reckon when changes are made to it, reducing the risk of errors and typos creeping into the data.

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