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QuickBooks Integration

Fishbowl Warehouse (FBW) integrates seamlessly with every desktop version of QuickBooks, as well as QuickBooks Online. By itself, QuickBooks is unable to meet most companies’ inventory management needs, such as barcoding, part tracking, and multiple locations. FBW can do these things and many others.


  • Connects FBW with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop solutions
  • Instantly updates inventory and accounting records
  • Increases data accuracy by eliminating double data entry
  • Lets users keep using the accounting software they’re familiar with for years to come

Xero Integration

FBW integrates with Xero, a Web-based accounting solution for small to midsize businesses. This integration ensures that all orders and updates made in FBW are automatically recorded in your accounting solution. That way, your accounting and inventory records match up perfectly and you don’t have to waste time on double data entry.

fishbowl's xero integration lets you:

  • Enjoy a simple setup that can be easily configured
  • Track orders in FBW and automatically transfer inventory data to the general ledger in Xero
  • Instantly transfer information on cycle counts, scrapped inventory, and other adjustments to Xero

Multiple Locations

FBW has the ability to track inventory across multiple locations. If you have more than one warehouse, store, and/or office, you can always check up-to-date inventory levels by location. This helps you know when you need to make transfers from one to another and also plan for sales trends.

use fishbowl warehouse to:

  • Monitor inventory levels by warehouse
  • Quickly transfer products from one location to another to prevent shortages
  • Study sales trends at each location

Inventory Management

Inventory management is primarily what Fishbowl Warehouse is for.

Fishbowl Warehouse offers advanced inventory management features to help your business manage multiple warehouses, track parts using a variety of criteria, set up auto reorder points, generate barcodes, and a whole lot more.

fishbowl warehouse helps you:

  • Easily generate and print barcodes
  • Automate the reordering process
  • Quickly pick, pack, and ship products
  • Track and receive shipments efficiently

Order Management

Create all of the purchase orders, sales orders, pick tickets and other essential documents you need with FBW. It makes order management much easier through its use of auto reorder points, in-depth reports, and improved warehouse management and picking processes.

Fishbowl Warehouse's order management features let you:

  • Quickly receive products into your warehouse
  • Track shipments to their destination
  • Set up automatic reorder points for products
  • Avoid costly shortages and overstocks

Part Tracking

FBM tracks each part's quantity and status on a per-location basis. Want to know how many raw materials and finished goods you have on hand? Simply check the Fishbowl database and that information will be right at your fingertips.

fishbowl's part tracking feature:

  • Monitors part levels and reorders them when they get low
  • Identifies where parts are located in a warehouse
  • Tracks products by lot, serial, revision, and tag numbers
  • Adds up all the costs that go into manufacturing products, including labor costs
  • Simplifies unit-of-measure conversions


Shipping is a basic function of any business, whether it's receiving inventory, transferring items between warehouses, or sending finished goods to customers. Fishbowl integrates with a variety of shipping solutions to ensure your orders get to the right places at the right times.

shipping is easier with fishbowl because:

  • UPS shipping features are embedded in Fishbowl's interface
  • Fishbowl integrates with all major shipping companies, including USPS and FedEx
  • Fishbowl's partners expand its shipping compatibility even further
  • Plugins facilitate order fulfillment in Fishbowl


Multi-currency conversions are available in Fishbowl. This allows you to create and receive sales orders and purchase orders in any currency and then convert them into your home currency for accurate accounting and tax records.

fishbowl's multi-currency features allow you to:

  • Assign currencies to vendors and customers
  • Create sales orders and purchase orders in any currency
  • Integrate your currency preferences with QuickBooks
  • Ensure your total inventory costs and revenue are in the right currency

Sales & Purchasing

Fishbowl's Sales Order module is so flexible you can use it to upgrade and customize products, save quick lists for speedy order fulfillment to returning customers, set up pricing tiers, and much more.

Fishbowl's sales & purchasing features include:

  • Saving sales orders for later use when customers place the same order again
  • Managing vendor relationships
  • Using discounts and variable pricing for different customer groups
  • Turning price quotes into sales orders
  • Customizing products with a configurator


Generate reports on everything in Fishbowl. Use Fishbowl's reporting features and plugins to create barcodes, organize sales and inventory data into graphs, forecast future inventory needs, and more.

here is a sample of fishbowl's reports:

  • Adjustment Report — Find recent updates Fishbowl has made in QuickBooks
  • Gross Sales by Product or Salesperson — Identify which products and salespeople are performing the best
  • Turnover Bar Graph or Pie Chart — See the number of times you've sold all of your inventory in a year

Fishbowl Time

Fishbowl Time is an online timekeeping system that lets employees clock in and out of work with QR codes or PINs, and it also lets employers track their hours, paid time off, tax status, payroll, and much more. Plus, you can ensure employees only clock in from authorized locations.

fishbowl time offers:

  • A cloud-based time clock solution that can be accessed anywhere on any device
  • GPS tracking to show you where and when employees clock in and out
  • The ability to handle vacation time, overtime, and other payroll details
  • Simple tax-reporting tools

Plugin Products

Fishbowl has other plugin products that augment the already-impressive feature set of Fishbowl Warehouse.