Process Manufacturing

process manufacturing

What is Process Manufacturing?

Process manufacturing is the bulk production of goods that involve a combination of supplies or ingredients, such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, paint, plastics, beverages, and food in general. Process manufacturing is the direct opposite of discrete manufacturing.

Examples of Process Manufacturing

Soft Drinks — An example of a process manufactured good would be a soft drink, such as Coca-Cola. The soda undergoes a mixing process that includes sugar, caramel coloring, and carbonated water. Carbon dioxide is also added to the recipe, which is what makes the drink fizz. It clearly has several ingredients to give it such a unique taste, but it would be impossible to fully deconstruct the parts once they have all been combined together.

Aluminum — This is a metal that requires several raw materials and a dedicated smelting process. Compounds from aluminum exist in all kinds of clay, but the most useful compound is bauxite. Sodium hydroxide is then used to dissolve aluminum compounds within the aluminum and separate them from the impurities. Carbon is also used in the process to transmit an electric current through the aluminum to complete the smelting process.

Challenges of Process Manufacturing

Processed goods require concise systems and processes in place because a recipe or final fabrication requires very specific quantities of ingredients or supplies. With some ingredients also having a short shelf life, reorder points and supply chain scheduling need to be in sync. Most of the manufacturing processes of today are automated by machinery, but personnel are still needed to manage the machinery and enforce quality control on the products. Recalls are also a disadvantage to process manufacturers. If there’s a harmful issue or defect with a product, the entire product must be recalled and replaced. The manufacturing process cannot be reversed.

How does Fishbowl Manufacturing simplify process manufacturing?

Fishbowl Manufacturing is a business automation platform that makes it possible to handle process manufacturing. There are many features the software has that allow it to do this, and we’ll cover a number of them in this article.

Accounting Integration

Fishbowl Manufacturing seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and Xero, so you can centralize your manufacturing and inventory related costs while also eliminating double data entry by automatically pushing financial data to your accounting solution. The number of items in a bill of materials, cost of goods sold, and purchase order information can all be calculated and then factor right into your balance sheet.

Managing Multiple Locations

Knowing your inventory levels at multiple manufacturing plants and warehouses is a difficult task, since all of your finances and operations are conducted under a single entity. Fishbowl Manufacturing lets you easily manage your inventory in multiple locations and keep synergy with your inflow and outflow. You can run reports to check sales and output at specific locations to plan for seasonal trends and other fluctuations in demand at different times and places.

Work Orders

You can create both simple and complex work orders with Fishbowl Manufacturing, which makes it a great fit for manufacturers of all sizes. You can also create multilevel work orders and group them into overarching manufacture orders to streamline production and establish accountability at each production stage.

Order Management

Fishbowl Manufacturing smooths out the process of generating purchase orders, sales orders, pick tickets, and any other related documents.


Fishbowl Manufacturing integrates with a variety of shipping tools and solutions so you can stay within the Fishbowl client to handle shipping instead of having to open a separate browser.

Sales and Purchasing

The Sales Order module can be used to upgrade and customize products, save quick lists for speedy order fulfillment to returning customers, set up pricing tiers, and much more.


You can use Fishbowl’s reports and plugins to create barcodes, organize sales and inventory data into graphs, forecast future inventory needs, and more.

Plugins and Integrations

Fishbowl Manufacturing acts as the central hub to any software extensions you may use to help you more fully automate your business.

Fishbowl Manufacturing offers all of the tools manufacturers need to improve their operations and stay ahead of the competition. Get a custom demo of Fishbowl Manufacturing to see powerful manufacturing inventory software in action!

TL;DR Summary

Process manufacturing is the opposite of discrete manufacturing. It involves the creation of a large group of indistinguishable products, like beverages and other liquids. Fishbowl Manufacturing offers the following features to help with process manufacturing:

  • Accounting integrations
  • Managing multiple locations
  • Work orders
  • Order management
  • Shipping
  • Sales and purchasing
  • Reporting
  • Plugins and integrations

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