WebProvise Inc., CEO Reacts to Recent Fishbowl Inventory 'Top 10' Rating

March 20, 2014

WebProvise, Inc., CEO Reacts to Recent Fishbowl Inventory 'Top 10' Rating

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 20, 2014

Fishbowl Inventory ranks high on the "Top 10 Most Recommended Distribution Systems" list posted by Derek Singleton, Managing Editor at SoftwareAdvice.com, on March 17. The L.A.-based advanced IT and digital marketing firm WebProvise, Inc., offers Managed Fishbowl Inventory Hosting services. Its CEO and Founder Loren Saxby reacts to the inventory management software program's near-perfect score and status as a top pick with expectancy versus surprise.

"There are a wide range of benefits our enterprise clients get from using Fishbowl Inventory," says Saxby. "But, offering the product is only half the story. Delivering cloud-based Fishbowl Inventory via performance-tuned servers optimizes our enterprise clients' security and mobility – and, in some cases, costs less than $300 per month."

Fishbowl, Inc., calls its namesake product the number one selling inventory management software for QuickBooks users.

Key features of WebProvise's Managed Fishbowl Inventory Hosting service include:

  • A Citrix technology framework
  • UI-enhancing custom script capabilities
  • Reliable and secure remote-access service
  • Single-source hosting, support and management
  • High-performance inventory management and asset tracking

"We help our enterprise clients keep an eye on their inventories from virtually anywhere," adds Saxby, "and on nearly any piece of hardware: a PC, Mac, Smartphone, tablet or other device."

What does that mean for WebProvise managed hosting service end users?

"Delivering this high-performance inventory and manufacturing application within our state-of-the-art enterprise hosting environment gives them that freedom. Our particular system is designed to give serious businesses the highest levels of security and performance at the best possible price."

"There are a large number of businesses who've used our cloud-hosting service for years and rave about the levels of security and mobility they get with us."

Saxby says feedback like that motivates his team to continually outperform itself.

Enterprise professionals interested in cloud-hosted Fishbowl Inventory can request a demonstration by calling WebProvise at (800) 381-0027 or by visiting WebProvise.com.

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