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Inventory Management Leader Fishbowl Helps SMBs Meet Business and IT Challenges in 2012

“If you’re spending more than 4 percent of your revenue on IT, we can help,” Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams says

SALT LAKE CITY, February 1, 2012 – The leading provider of inventory control software, Fishbowl® (, is taking major steps to help U.S. small businesses not only survive the recession, but find new ways to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably than ever before.

Solutions including the company’s trademark Fishbowl Inventory 2012 software, the #1 most requested inventory solution for use with QuickBooks; options for outsourced IT; and integrated business software solutions through the Fishbowl Partner Nation (FPN) are among the answers Fishbowl is providing for its fast-growing base of small business customers during 2012.

“The byword for profitable business right now is ‘lean and clean’,” said David K. Williams, Fishbowl CEO. “We are showing companies how to obtain maximum efficiency and value from their business software solutions, and that it doesn’t require high expenditures or additional IT staffing to accomplish the strategic goals they need to achieve.”

“Fishbowl helps business leaders take control of their operations and make well-informed strategic decisions,” President Mary Michelle Scott added. “Too many small and growing businesses have been held hostage for far too long by the restrictions of expensive, outdated technology and processes. We’re helping businesses turn the corner to solutions that provide immediate access to what the decision makers need, when they need it—without the constraints of unnecessary IT.”

For example, Fishbowl recently made the decision to outsource its own IT within a newly created initiative called Fish-IT™. Although Fishbowl is already highly profitable and efficient, its leaders realized that the company could become more “lean and clean” by streamlining and outsourcing its internal IT.

For businesses in the larger end of the SMB spectrum, or who are downsizing IT-heavy business software solutions, Fishbowl offers Fishbowl Enterprise (FBE), to provide these firms with a lean, yet robust and feature-rich alternative to the financial and resource tracking solutions that would otherwise need to be handled by traditional ERP/MRP.

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl and its cornerstone product, Fishbowl Inventory, make it possible for every business to have the level of flexible and mobile inventory management solutions large organizations enjoy. Fishbowl Enterprise is a lean ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) solution with a robust feature set that allows Fishbowl to provide organizations ranging from SMBs to mid-to-large enterprises with all the components required to meet their inventory and business management needs.

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