Greater Boston BookKeeping: No Need to Leave QuickBooks

October 8, 2009

Greater Boston BookKeeping releases post on Fishbowl

Posted by Laura Glennon on October 08, 2009 on

I love learning new things everyday. Just yesterday I was introduced to Fishbowl Inventory of Orem, Utah. If someone asked me a few weeks ago what Fishbowl was, I would have been dumbfounded. Yet Fishbowl has been around developing and perfecting its product for many years.

So many of our clients are under the misconception that once their company has begun to mature, it has outgrown QuickBooks. Not so. With many innovative add-on products and software now available in the market, QuickBooks is here to stay more than ever.

What I learned is that Fishbowl is the #1 requested add-on for QuickBooks (5 consecutive years) and that it's the #1 selling inventory and manufacturing solution for QuickBooks.

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