Fishbowl Opens API, Premieres Fishbowl Developer Nation (FDN) Community for Expansion of Fishbowl Inventory 2012

November 7, 2011

First innovations include document management, mobile/iPad support and integrated multi-carrier packing and shipping, supporting inventory platform’s continuing growth

SPECIAL TO Sleeter 2011, Nov. 7, 2011, Las Vegas – Fishbowl, provider of the #1 most requested inventory solution for QuickBooks, has launched a new community, Fishbowl Developer Nation™ (FDN) to support its users and partners and to accelerate new innovations for the popular Fishbowl Inventory® 2012 platform. Fishbowl unveiled the new network, the network’s new Application Programming Interface (API), and announced its first three partners at the 2011 Sleeter Accounting Conference in Las Vegas today.

The first three FDN partners are document management provider eFileCabinet, mobile developer Sharpe Concepts, and integrated packing and shipping provider Pacejet.

“Fishbowl Developer Nation is a significant and integral strategy to support the growing community of businesses that rely on the Fishbowl platform for inventory management support,” said David K. Williams, Fishbowl CEO. “The FDN community creates opportunities for more businesses to share in our remarkable growth and for us to create more offerings and more new companies within the developer nation—and, in fact, we anticipate the developer network playing a significant role in supporting Fishbowl’s growth into mid and larger-size companies in the months and seasons to come.”

“Fishbowl and eFileCabinet are strongly integrated solutions within the QuickBooks community,” said eFileCabinet CEO Matt Peterson. “We understand the challenges that are inherent in the duel entry of data into different software platforms. We are aligned in our desire to streamline our customers’ business processes, which makes our partnership a natural development. Our role in the new FDN is a strategic move that supports both of our companies’ continuing growth.”

FDN’s first three partners will achieve the following:

  • eFileCabinet – This integrated electronic document management module for Fishbowl Inventory reduces costs and data errors while increasing productivity for businesses who use the Fishbowl Inventory Platform.
  • LilyPad – The new LilyPad product from development partner Sharpe Concepts of New York lets companies expand their Fishbowl Inventory system to today’s mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets and laptops), turning mobile devices into Fishbowl Inventory workstations. LilyPad also allows customers to log in and place orders remotely.
  • Pacejet – This SaaS-based company provides integrated multi-carrier packing and shipping for companies who use Fishbowl Inventory, reducing costs while improving service and increasing the competitive advantage for businesses that use Fishbowl.

Customers and prospective developers can enroll in the FDN program by visiting Fishbowl executives said the API will also support Fishbowl Enterprise (FBE), the company’s robust and lean ERP solution, giving additional new benefits to the FBE platform over time.

For more information or to participate in Fishbowl Developer Nation contact or visit

About eFileCabinet, Inc.

eFileCabinet, Inc. offers a suite of enterprise content management (ECM) products and services that help businesses and individuals work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively. With more than 10 years in the document management industry, eFileCabinet is the trusted choice for more than 24,000 users worldwide to store, share and protect their valuable and confidential data. Learn more at

About Sharpe Concepts

Sharpe Concepts is a consulting firm that works with small businesses to improve operations and profitability. Their employees have the experience in sales, finance, technology, purchasing, warehousing, manufacturing, and inventory control to make a difference. For more information, visit

About Pacejet

Pacejet is the developer of Pacejet Cloud Shipping, a SaaS/cloud computing solution that connects shippers directly with carriers to reduce costs and improve customer service. Pacejet Cloud Shipping is powered by the Pacejet Shipment Processing Network, a cloud-based network with carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, Pitt Ohio, YRC, Conway, Central Transport, and more. Pacejet Cloud shipping integrates with ERP and accounting systems to help business reduce freight costs and increase efficiency. Learn more at

About Fishbowl

Fishbowl and its cornerstone product, Fishbowl Inventory, make it possible for every business to have the level of flexible and mobile inventory management solutions large organizations enjoy. Fishbowl Enterprise can rival or replace traditional ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), allowing Fishbowl to provide organizations ranging from SMBs to mid-to-large enterprises with all the components required to meet their inventory and business management needs.

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